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Logo: Gorikantu(1979): On a grey and white background, there's a drawing of a worker raising a structure from the ground (which looks like a hole). On the ground, we see "YUVA CHITHRA". The camera zooms into the drawing. Trisoolam(1982): The camera zooms out from the face of the worker, until it shows us the full drawing, which is on a blue and white background. The worker's skin is yellow, his pants are red, his hair is dark and the color of the structure is grey and green. "YUVA CHITHRA" is yellow this time. Abhimanyudu (1984): The drawing of the worker is on a dark blue background. The worker's hair is white, his skin is white and his trousers are red. This time, below "YUVA CHITHRA", we see "COMBINES", both are in yellow. Seetharama Kalyanam(1986) and Srinivasa Kalyanam(1987): On a blue and pink background, there's a zoom in to the drawing of the worker, who is white. Below him, on the ground,"YUVA CHITHRA" is white-yellow. Janaki Ramudu(1988): On a beautiful orange and yellow background, there's a zoom in to the drawing, which is orange (like working in the sunset), with the exception of its pants and structure (grey).This time, below "YUVA CHITHRA", we see "ARTS", both in yellow. Nari Nari Naduma Murari(1989): On a red and white background, the camera zooms in to the drawing. The worker has blue pants and dark hair, and his skin is white. On the ground "YUVA CHITHRA" is yellow and "ARTS" is white. FX/SFX: Generally the zoom to the drawing. In Trisoolam, the zooming out from the face of the worker, and in Abhimanyudu it is still.

Music/Sounds: A strum with a lyra, and then a heroic melody made with violins, a flute and some drums.

Music/Sounds Variant:Nari Nari Naduma Murariuses a note of a violin with a strum of a lyra. Then, there's a 4-note melody made by a flute, with another strum of the lyra. The melody of the flute and the strum are both repeated, and finally we hear a long note with the flute.

Availability: See Logo.

Scare Factor: Low.