Closing Logo Group

(October 1, 2008)[]

Yehia Shanab Film

Nickname: "THX's Egyptian Cousin"

Logo: On a silver vignette background, we see 2 yellow sparkling stars flying up and down, with golden smoke as their trail. The stars then form 2 yellow lines, with 2 gaps on top of one line, and 3 on the other. This would make way for a blue filmstrip to circle in around the lines, which moves throughout the logo. The smoke then forms the words "Yehia Shanab Film" in yellow, with the Y having a line below the words. The Arabic translation of the company's name is seen above the words.


Music/Sounds: Some sparkling sounds were heard at the beginning and the THX Deep Note.

Availability: Seen on some Arabic movies at the time, including El Zamahlaweya.

Editor's Note: This whole logo wouldn't be so bad without the stolen music.