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Nicknames: "Filipino Universal", "What Are The Robotz Theme For Windows 98 And Windows NT 4.0 Doing Here?" "Another Candidate for Worst Logo"

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Logo: On a space background, a star flashes, and the spinning planet Earth appears on the star and flies to the center of the screen. A comet then appears and flies around the planet. The red text "WILD WORLD" emerges from the planet and zooms in. A star appears on the text and moves from left to right, where it dissapears. "ENTERTAINMENT CO, INC", along with copies, zooms out below the planet and stops. Both texts glow in white.

Variant: On Boldstar, that just features the Earth rotating and text zooming out.

FX/SFX: All in CGI.

Cheesy Factor: Not only does the CGI look dated, but it's also a rip off of the Universal logo, and they blatantly stole Windows startup sounds. As a result, this is one of the worst logos of all time.

Music/Sounds: The Windows 98 Robotz startup sound (a short synth pad), then a whoosh when the comet flies. Then the Windows NT 4.0 startup sound plays, along with more whooshes. The variant features no NT sound, but an explosion-like sound with a reverse crash.

Availability: Extremely rare, as the original version is seen only on Bayaran. The company just released only two films in 2003, the other being Boldstar (which used the variant).

Scare Factor: Minimal. You may laugh a lot because it is a rip-off of Universal, or because of the blatant use of the Windows startup sounds. Low for the Boldstar variant.