Closing Logo Group

Background: This was the production company of Bill Warren and Christopher Rinsler, who got their start as producers on ABC's Full House and later became the executive producers of shows such as The Parent 'Hood, That's So Raven, and Cory in the House.

(September 6, 1995-September 13, 2008)

Nicknames: "Why Are You Hitting Yourself?", "The Creepy Musician", "The Odd-Ball Musician", "The Crippled Musician"

Logo: On a white background, we see a drawing of a man in a suit with his mouth agape, holding two drumsticks (one with a yellow tip and one with a blue tip), with which he hits his head (in time with the music). We also see the words "WARREN & RINSLER PRODUCTIONS" in Gill Sans, with a scribble behind it. The scribble's color changes in time with the music, from yellow to red, red to light blue, and ending with light blue to yellow, at which point the video freezes.


  • On The Parent 'Hood, the video freezes after the scribble goes from light blue to yellow.
  • Starting on the fourth season of That's so Raven, the man's eyes are open and he seems to have a confused expression on his face.

FX/SFX: The man hitting his head, the scribble's colors changing.


  • 1995-1998: A whimsical, if slightly creepy, percussion tune barely in time with the man hitting his head, alongside "BONG!" noises as he hits himself, ending in a string pluck.
  • 2006-2008: A jazz tune vaguely resembling "Rhapsody in Blue," with percussion sounds that are timed with the man hitting his head.

Availability: Common. The first version appears on seasons two-four of The Parent 'Hood, and the second version has shown up on the last season of That's So Raven and its spin-off show Cory in the House. This first version also appeared on the short-lived Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher.