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Background: Warner Music Vision (also known as Warner Vision International) was a music video company formed in 1990 by Warner Music Group to make music videos from artists and bands on WMG's labels and to release them on home video and later DVD. In 2006, the company merged with the Rights Company to form Warner Music Entertainment.


Nicknames: "Spinning \\'", "The World Map of \\'", "\\' in Space"

Logo: We see a starfield with stars shooting forward. Then, two small stars shoot out from opposite sides of the screen and collide with each other, forming a white sphere with clouds of gas swirling around it that zooms up toward the screen. Some smaller white spheres also orbit around the larger one, and red 3D asteroids shoot toward us. When the sphere disappears, we see the alternate Warner Bros. logo (in white) used from 1972-1984 ("The Big \\'"). The "W" has a stretched world map printed on its side, and it revolves around and zooms toward us. When it zooms close enough, it turns to face us and zooms out while the words:


zoom out from the bottom of the screen and arrange themselves below the "W". Simultaneously, the screen fades to blue (or black).


  • For international distribution, "VISION INTERNATIONAL" would sometimes appear in place of "MUSIC VISION".
  • Prior to 1997, there was a short version, starting with the logo spinning, but horizontally. Then the animation continues as normal.
  • A still in-credit version was used for Oscar's Orchestra.
  • A unique variant exists on Australian tapes, where the logo already fades to the finished result, but with "WARNER VISION AUSTRALIA" under it.
  • On Malaysian video, the text is smaller and now reads "WARNER MUSIC MALAYSIA". The Warner Bros. logo has a shadow.
    • There also exists another Malaysian version of the logo, where the regular logo already fades to the finished result.

FX/SFX: The sphere, the revolving "W", and the text zooming-out. Very nice animation.

Music/Sounds: A new age tune with synths and percussion with a choir and a groovy 90's bass riff.

Music/Sounds Variant: The short version used a sci-fi sounding tune with synth horns.

Availability: Uncommon. Used on most WMG artists' live videotapes and music video collections, as well as some concerts with various artists, such as Live Aid: 20 Years Ago Today. The "Vision International" variant can be found on some UK videos and DVDs. The "AUSTRALIA" version can be spotted on a few Australian tapes.