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Warner Bros. Television[]


January-September 1972[]

This logo is essentially its 1972 film counterpart, but includes a ring reading "TELEVISION", much akin to the logos that its parent company Warner Bros. had used from 1948 to 1967 and would use from 1984 onward.


This logo is essentially Warner Bros.'s 1972-1984 "Big W" logo designed by Saul Bass, but with the words "WARNER BROS. TELEVISION" placed above it.

In-credit versions[]



This logo is essentially its 1984-1990 film counterpart (featuring the return of Warner Bros.'s 1948 logo), only with the letters "WARNER BROS. TELEVISION" placed above it.


Same as before, only with its 1990-1992 film counterpart, with the byline changed to read "A TIME WARNER COMPANY".


Same as before, only with its 1992-2001 film counterpart, with the byline changed to read "A TIME WARNER ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY".

1994–1997, 1999-2001[]

A different logo was used that featured a lighter colored shield with its ring reading "WARNER BROS. TELEVISION" on a different cloud background, with the Time Warner Entertainment byline appearing below it (appearing slightly three-dimensional along with the letters on the ring) in a slightly different shade of yellow.

1998 (75th anniversary logo)[]

Warner Bros. Pictures logo TNCTM

This logo is basically the 75th Anniversary version of its film counterpart.


Same as the 1984, 1990 and 1992 logos, only with the ring reading "WARNER BROS. TELEVISION" instead of "WARNER BROS. PICTURES" (much akin to the 1994 logo) and a URL reading "" placed underneath the Time Warner Entertainment byline.

2001-2004, 2006-2019[]


This logo is basically the closing version of its 2001 film counterpart, only with the ring reading "WARNER BROS. TELEVISION". Occasionally, the "" URL would appear beneath the AOL Time Warner byline.

2003–2004, 2006-2019[]

This logo is the same as the 2001 logo, only with no byline. Occasionally, the "" URL appears beneath the logo.

2005 (50th anniversary logo)[]

Despite the fact that it almost erroneously used the 75th anniversary logo of its film counterpart in 1998, this logo was used to commemorate the television counterpart's 50th anniversary.

2014–2020 (DC Comics/DC Vertigo version)[]

2014–2020 (DC Comics/DC Vertigo version)[]

2018–2020 (DC Comics/DC Vertigo version)[]


Warner Bros. Television (2017)

Same as the 2001 and 2003 logos, but only the shield and cloud background are redone. The shield is also 3D and made to look more like the shield from the theatrical logo, and it is a little more shiny.


2020–present (DC Comics/DC Vertigo version)[]

2020–present (Non DC Comics/DC Vertigo version)[]


Warner Bros Television 2021


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