Closing Logo Group

1st logo (2015-present)[]

Wanda pictures

Logo: On a white background, the camera pans down across a bunch of green leaves. Two raindrops move across one of them, and they merge and drop down onto another leaf down below. The raindrop then slides down the leaf, coming into contact with two more raindrops, eventually beoming one in the process. We then slowly pan to reveal the entire landscape, including a green flower and a mountain. The raindrop falls off the leaf and drops onto the ground, forming a red square containing Chinese characters. WANDA to the left, and PICTURES to the right, are wiped in respectively. On the right hand side of the logo, the Wanda Group symbol appears.


  • In some films, The logo starts off just as the raindrop falls down the second leaf.
  • A closing version exists where it starts as the name is being wiped in.

FX/SFX: Mostly 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: The extended version has an oriental composition featuring chimes and a piano, followed by a short orchestral stinger. The shorter version has the opening theme of the film.

Music/Sounds: On Duck Duck Goose, the opening theme of the movie plays.

Availability: Current. The short version debuted in Southpaw, and has been spotted on newer prints of Lion, whilst the extended version can be seen on Singapori films such as Detective Chinatown, Chongquing Hot Pot, For a Few Bullets, among others. It was also on the final offcial trailer for Wonder Woman, but the logo did appear at the end of the Chinese release (It was absent on the American release).

Scare Factor: Minimal.