Closing Logo Group

1st Print Logo

Logo: We see a black shining diamond containing "THE CLASSICS" and underneath is the "WALT DISNEY HOME VIDEO" logo in red.

2nd (International) Print Logo

Walt DIsney Classics 1991-1996 Print Logo Transparent

Logo: We see the yellow words "WALT DiSNEY" in its signature font and has the shadow effect. Below it is "CLASSICS" in a metallic orange serif font, also with the shadow effect.

Note: Seen on all Walt Disney Classics UK VHS covers.

3rd (International) Print Logo

Logo: We see "WALT DiSNEY" in orange, and below it is a gold shining banner containing "CLASSICS".


  • Starting in late 1999 and early 2000, "WALT DiSNEY" is more golden, bevelled and bigger, and the "CLASSICS" banner is dimmer.
  • Depending in which country, the word "CLASSICS" will translate.

4th (International) Print Logo

Walt Disney Classics 2001-2008 Print Logo

Logo: We see "WALT DiSNEY" in yellowish-gold and has the glowing abstract star and arch from the 2001 Walt Disney Home Entertainment logo. Underneath them is "CLASSICS".


  • The star and the arch is seen without the glow.
  • For the original classics, the words will be "WALT DiSNEY'S CLASSIC".
  • Sometimes, "CLASSICS" will be removed and just have "WALT DiSNEY" with the star and the arch.