Closing Logo Group


Logo: We see an upside-down triangle (looking like a V), with a yellow light moving up inside it. It stops in the center and flashes, making the triangle turn into a yellow-bordered V. The V

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zooms/moves to the left side of the screen, then the word "VINTAGE" appears with a blind transition letter by letter and it glows. The text stops glowing, and "PRODUCTIONS INC." fades in below.

FX/SFX: The light moving and flashing, the triangle turning into a V (with a crossfade effect), the V zooming, the text appearing, glowing and fading.

Cheese Factor: Of course, this is an early 2000's logo, but it looks very old. It looks more like a logo situable for the late 70's/1980's.

Music/Sounds: A dark majestic fanfare that would suit an horror movie, along with some whooshes.

Availability: Exclusively seen on the adult fillipino movie Kalabit.

Scare Factor: Medium bordering on high. The animation and music may unnerve some people, though this was problably intentional due to Kalabit being a porno movie.