Closing Logo Group

(November 19, 1978)[]


Logo: We see a dark silhouette of a shirtless worker on a dark setting where we can see rocks on the sides, the sky over the center of the background which looks like a set of clouds with waves superceeding it, and a mountain over it too. The worker holds one of the rocks and then tries to lift it to the darkness, and we zoom in to the rock that the worker is currently lifting. The setting starts to dim as the worker then tilts the rock, and on the rock is the text "VSCA" on a tiny black-like circle (a la DuMont logo), which slowly appears on the center of the rock. We then fade to the opening theme of the movie.

FX/SFX: The lights, the worker lifting the rock, the revelation of the logo, all in live action.

Music/Sounds: A long low-pitched drumroll with a creepy xylophone tune when the worker lifts the rock, and when it's lifted and the text on the circle appears, three bombastic notes by a violin and an orchestra.

Availability: The only film this logo spotted is on Beena.

Editor's Note: None.