Closing Logo Group

Background: Vijaya Productions is a Tamil language film company established in 1948 by Shri B.Nagi Reddi. This company merged with Vauhini Studios to form the Vijaya Vauhini Studio, which became one of the largest studios in Southeast Asia at that time. However, Shri B.Nagi Reddi produced Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi movies under the banner of "Vijaya Productions".

1st Logo (1950-1968)[]

Vijaya Productions (1950-1968)

Logo: On a cloudy background, there's a flag inside an arch. The flag consists of a monkey flying with a cane. Below the arch, "VIJAYA PRODUCTIONS LTD" is written inside a rectangle. Inside the arch, there are some Hindi words, possibly the name of the company.

Trivia: The monkey on the flag is Maruti, a God in Hindu mythology.

FX/SFX: The flag waving.

Music/Sounds: A heroic melody with drums and some notes of a trumpet.

Availability: Seen on films released by the company during the period, like Uma Chandi Gowri Sankarula Katha, among others.