Closing Logo Group

Background: Better known as Musica VideoVan Entertainment (as seen on the VCD covers released by the company). It was formed at Singapore in 1983. They didn't have any on-screen logo until late-90s. In 2011, the company was dissolved by itself due to the company's long inactivity.

1st logo (Early-Mid 1990's)[]


Logo: All we see is the Videovan logo in white against a blue background.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Ultra rare. Was only known to appear on a VHS release of The Little Mermaid, among other VHS releases.

2nd logo (1997?-2011)[]


Videovan Entertainment (2000)

Nickname(s): "Pixelated Space", "Space from Hell", "Singaporean Space from Hell", "Cheesy Videovan"

Logo: On a space background, the camera zooms in quickly in front of a rocky planet. This passes as it zooms into another planet. A small moon drops south out of frame, as the rocky planet suddenly stops spinning and rotates the reverse direction. Next, the company name, "VIDEOVAN", letter by letter, places themselves on the screen in front of the rock planet. A planet resembling Jupiter or the Moon (because of the craters) flies up in the background, and immediately when it gets out of frame two red triangles top off both V(s) in the name. The rock planet stops, and the completed logo is a still image that sticks for a few seconds more without fading.


  • Some releases had the logo end in a frame-change.
  • In late-2000 or so, the version with byline has been debuted. After the forming of the logo, the planets zoom out quickly in favor of the byline "Entertainment Industries Pte Ltd". The logo shines then.

FX/SFX: Everything, all in very cheesy CGI, even for a logo that would be still used on the 2000s.

Music/Sounds: A loud warbling UFO-esque synth, followed by a strange synth.

Availability: Pretty common. Many Asian VHS's, DVDs, and VCDs had this, such as the 2000 Indonesian VCD of Titanic (1998) and the Discovery Channel series Once Upon a Tree (the latter followed by mentioned company logo).

Editor's Note: The animation looks like it was done in Windows 3.1, not to mention that the moon and the other planets look pixelated. The byline version is no better, since the result looks like something from a 80s CGI demo project. Also, the sound effects, the primitive animation, the dark atmosphere, and the abrupt frame-change at the end has scared many people; the sudden appearance of this after the black Singaporean warning is another factor, however, the logo is overall more cheesy than scary, and one may laugh at the abysmal CGI.

3rd logo (Indonesian division; 1997-2003?)[]

Logo: On a black background, there's a yellow rectangle outline. Inside, it reads:



FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Can be seen on StudioCanal (formerly Canal+) releases distributed by the company.

Editor's Note: The in-your-face logo and the black background might scare more than a few, especially if you're expecting the first logo then end up with this. Might be lower for those who used to it.