Closing Logo Group


Nickname:"VM Tube on a space" "The text appearing and repeating or moving screen in white" "Gativideo Spanish Distant Son" "Too Ignored Logo in Space" "Turning Cadet to White logo"

Logo: For a second , we fade to a space background (similar to Vadi-Mon and Gativideo logos) , we see a abstract VM (but connected to V) with rounded rectangle and stripes of rainbow stripes , then zooms in and turns to white , and fill with rainbow colors on logo.

The logo keeps when zooming , and "Video Mundi" wiping in , then "PRESENTA" blinks it and moves to take places in center , the logo fades out.

FX/SFX: The filling stripes and wiping , the blinking on "PRESENTA".

Music/Sounds: A dramatic piano fanfare, with dreamy sounds.

Availability: Seen on some video releases.

Editor's Note: The ominous atmosphere, and blinking, may unnerve some, along with the music suddenly getting loud. The logo is overall very strange for the 70's.