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Background: Video Joven Producciones, S.A. was a Spanish VHS distributor of cartoons based in Madrid.



Logo: We fade in to the white background, where we see black rings rapidly moving fast. Said rings turn into "VIDEO JOVEN" in the 1970s WYES logo font. The logo starts "swirling around" until it draws itself into a cartoonish caterpillar with messy black hair, red blush, and a weird black top hat. The caterpillar looks at the viewer with a surprised look on his face, then he fixes his top hat. He jumps and beckons for something to come his way. A sentient hat rack then walks up then bumps into him. That rack runs away, leaving a black bow and a gold vest flying everywhere. The caterpillar wears said clothing and holds a black cane and later dances, only to stop after a few seconds after "PRODUCCIONES S.A." slides from the extreme left of the screen, looking shocked.

FX/SFX: Cartoonish animation involving all and sliding of "PRODUCCIONES S.A.".

Music/Sounds: An excerpt of Count Basie's version of April in Paris, a bombastic jazzy fanfare, along with cartoon sound effects.

Availability: Extremely rare. Can be seen on cartoon videos, most notably Atom Ant, Scooby-Doo, and Casper. You will need to check your Argentinian Spanish dub cartoon (notably Hanna-Barbera) VHS tapes with a "Video Joven Producciones, S.A." print.

Editor's Note: None.