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Background: Corporación Venezolana de Televisión (Spanish for: Venezuelan Television Corporation) or VTV (Spanish pronunciation: [beteˈβe]) is a public television network based in Caracas, Venezuela, which can be seen throughout the country on channel eight. Programs that can be seen on VTV include Aló Presidente and Noticias TeleSUR. VTV has produced a number of telenovelas, including titles such as Ifigenia, Doña Perfecta, and La Dueña. 1984's La Dueña was perhaps its most successful and popular production. In 2004, VTV produced another telenovela, Amores de Barrio Adentro, but it was only seen once a week and lasted only a few months. In August 2014, VTV celebrated its 50th anniversary.

You can see all of it's logos here and here.

CVTV Canal 8

(1964-Early 1970's)


Logo: Superimposed over the end of whatever program was being run, we see two abstract ovals spinning into each other, Once they come closer to us, they unite to make the number 8. Then, the text "CV" zooms in to us, covering the upper side of the 8 and comes up into a comfortable place. Then, the text "TV" does the same, but in the lower side of said number. Everything then zooms out and in a bit from us, and then gets modeled very soon to create the final result, which is an 8 with the text "CVTV" standing in every part of the number.

FX/SFX: The footage, the ovals spinning in, zooming in and uniting the number, every text appearing, the modelation of the logo.

Cheesy Factor: The animation is very hard to sit through even today, elevated by its in-your-face quality.

Music/Sounds: The end of CVTV's generic fanfare.

Availability: Long extinct. This was only run as a startup and closedown ident, and it's very hard to find.

Scare Factor: Medium to high. In-your-face animations can be more than unnerving for some people, but the end of the fanfare only makes it worse - also not to mention it's cheesiness and very blurry footage. None to high for those who used to it, depends on how you feel of the logo.

Venezolana de Televisión