Closing Logo Group


Varus Video was created in 1992 as an exclusive VHS distributor of Warner Home Video films. In the 1990s it was one of the most successful and best known home video companies, but in 1999 Varus Video faced internal split, followed by the temporal withdrawal of distribution rights from Warner Bros. The situation was used by Most Video, which retrieved all home video rights from Varus Video, and actually took over the company, converting it to just a manufacturing base. The company was fully demised in early 2000.

1st (probably only) Logo (1992-1998)[]

Varus Video (1990s)

Logo: We see Earth, and a large "W" made of two connected lines, fly from beyond the planet and clears to the side. Then, golden words "VARUS VIDEO" zoom in, rotating, and take their place, while the W returns and sticks above. A comet hits the W, making it and the words partially colorized in blue. The logo fades.

FX/SFX: Moving W, letters and the comet. The colorizing.

Music/Sounds: A synth trumpet note plays at the beginning, a whoosh when the W flies in and a trumpet note breaks into a majestic fanfare, and another whoosh when the logo is colorized.

Availability: Seen on a large amount of VHS releases in Russia before 1998. Mainly, it's seen before the Warner Home Video logo.