Closing Logo Group

Background: Valhalla Motion Pictures was founded in 1982 by Gale Anne Hurd under the name Pacific Western Productions. Hurd was best known for creating and producing The Terminator franchise with ex-husband James Cameron, and is currently known for producing AMC's The Walking Dead (2010-23) and its companion series, Fear the Walking Dead (2015-23). The company took on its current name in 1998, which was ultimately merged with the company's former name in 2000. The company launched a television division in 2001 with its main focus being on producing television shows and movies for networks and syndication. On February 7, 2017, the company was merged into Valhalla Entertainment, which was originally formed in 1996.

(July 1, 1998- )[]

Nicknames: "Vikings", "The Viking Ship"

Logo: On a night background, we see a crescent moon and a Viking ship sailing in front of us. It then freezes to a box, zooms out and we see the name, "VALHALLA MOTION PICTURES", appearing under the box, with the words both spaced out and sandwiched in between a line.


  • There is a variant of the logo where "ENTERTAINMENT" replaces "MOTION PICTURES." This can be seen on The Walking Dead, and at the end of Hell Fest. On the latter, the logo is horizontal and starts as the box zooms out to the left.
  • The television variant uses the text format above, but it is still and the box is entirely grayscale.
  • The print logo is seen at the end of Punisher: War Zone.

FX/SFX: The ship and the zooming out of the box.

Music/Sounds: Along with the movie's opening music, splashing of the water and the flag can be heard. Sometimes, it's silent. The closing theme of the movie or TV show for the television variants and the print logo.

Availability: This logo made its debut at the start of Armageddon, and can also be seen at the end of Virus, Hulk, and The Punisher. The "ENTERTAINMENT" variant can be seen on The Walking Dead and at the end of Hell Fest. However, this doesn't appear on Clockstoppers, Aeon Flux and The Incredible Hulk.