Closing Logo Group

(April 16, 1971-June 23, 1972)[]

Ushasri Productions (1971)

Logo: On a dark background, there are some mountains. Then, some lights illuminate them. Suddenly, some lights appear behind the mountains, like the rays of the sun, and a thin smoke appears from the right side of the screen. Afterwards, the silhouette of a girl appears in front of the mountain on the left. When the lights illuminate the silhouette, we see the girl, dressed in white with some blue lines. "USHASRI PRODUCTIONS" in white appears from down, and stops at the height of the chest of the girl. Finally, the entire logo with the exception of the text disappears, and the background turns black.

FX/SFX: The lights, the thin smoke, the girl (is live-action) appearing, and the text.

Cheesy Factor: Very simple animation and outdated effects.

Music/Sounds: There are two music tracks used:

  • A slow strum with a lyra, with some glockenspiel notes, and again some slow strums with the lyra. When the text appears, a bombastic note made by an orchestra.
  • Manavudu Dhanavudu uses a vibraphone and tampura melody, ending with a brass stinger.

Availability: Seen only on Vichitra Dampatyam and Manavudu Dhanavudu.

Editor's Note: None.