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Universal Media (2013)

Nickname: "Obvious Look-Alike Is Obvious"

Logo: We see various stars shooting up. As we pan down, we briefly see an arc of light, which then turns out to be a blue light ball covered by various filmstrips. We zoom down and the ball of light moves to the left, and then it's revealed that the ball of light is actually a globe, looking over the Indian subcontinent and part of Australia. The blue word "UNIVERSAL" then zooms out to the right, as the word "MEDIA" shines in below it. The shooting stars dissapears and the globe spins to the right.

Variant: On Naayak, the stars are tinted blue.

FX/SFX: Decent CGI and not bad animation.

Music/Sounds: The logo changes it's music according to the movie:

  • Desamuduru: A high shining synth at the beginning, followed by a swooshing cymbal, windchimes, a surreal string theme, with another cymbal sound, and some notes from a bell instrument.
  • Oye: A droning synth theme with primitive-sounding synthesizers.
  • Naayak: An ethereal fanfare with a synth, choir and brass, and a whoosh when the text zooms out.

Availability: Seen on films like Desamuduru, Oye and Naayak.

Editor's Note: Despite being an actual good-looking logo, the name choice may cause a chuckle for some people.