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Background:: Trimurti Films Pvt. Ltd. was an Indian film production house founded by Gulshan Rai in 1970. After Gulshan's death, his son Rajiv Rai took over as the head of the company. The company went dormant for one decade, with its last production being Asambhav, but was then revived in 2022 after Rajiv went back to directing after 18 years of inactivity.

1st Logo (November 20, 1970-July 4, 1997)[]

Logo: On a space background, there is a blue hand pointing at a spinning Sudarshana Chakra fading in, which also causes a red triangle to wipe and fade in. The camera then rotates 86 degrees, revealing the end of a silver Trishul. Yet again, the camera rotates which reveals, what appears to be, a pink hand with a red flower on top. Lastly, the camera zooms out, revealing a symbol with all of the said weapons from the triangle, which causes the words "TRIMURTI" and "FILMS" in yellow to appear between the Trishul along with the Hindi translation in red below the symbol.

Trivia: Each weapon represents the weapons of the Trimurti, the trinity of supreme divinity in Hinduism, typically designated to the Hindu gods Brahma, Vishnu (who wields the Sudarshana Chakra), and Shiva (who wields the Trishul), which is the reason for the arm colors.


  • An in-credit variant exists in Mohra and Dhuan where the print logo and the English translation of the company name underneath it appear superimposed over the opening scene of the movie.
  • There have been three instances where the print version of the logo is used.

FX/SFX: The starfield, the fading, the camera rotating and the text appearing.

Music/Sounds: After a horn is heard blowing at the beginning, a man is heard singing a mantra accompanied by a swarmandal and some high-pitched notes from a vibraphone.

Availability: Uncommon. This was seen in every film they have produced before the 2000s, starting with Johny Mera Naam, and lastly with Gupt: The Hidden Truth. The in-credit variants make their appearance in Rocky and Mohra.

2nd Logo (August 3, 2001)[]

Trimurti Films (2001, Source - Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat)

Logo: On a space background, a golden Sudarshana Chakra is flying in from the camera while a comet passes by in the background before briefly flying towards the camera as an invisible spotlight appears and creates a ray of light in a pyramid-like shape. The ray becomes a transparent prism while the Chakra travels toward it, and when it gets too close, a bunch of particles appear and form a metallic blue hand similar to the previous logo where the Chakra sits on its finger, all imprinted on the prism. The camera pans around the prism for a short amount of time before it pans towards the left side. Here, a silver trishul rises from the bottom-left side and slowly stops before another set of particles from the same hand holding it but in white. When the transformation is complete, the camera pans to the back side of the prism as another set of particles forms the same hand holding the same red lotus which was formed by a bright red light that quickly dissipates. The camera pans one last time toward all three hands holding the aforementioned weapons, the only difference being that this side is colored red, and right before it can face the camera, multiple golden rays appear in front of it and solidify to create the same golden "TRIMURTI FILMS" between the trishul. To culminate the sequence, a heavily bright object with a bright burst effect appears below the logo, and the burst effect disappears which appears to be the Hindi company name in red, right before the logo stops moving to its place, forming the full Trimurti Films logo.


Music/Sounds: Same as the previous logo.

Availability: It was only known to appear in Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat.

3rd Logo (July 23, 2004)[]

Trimurti Films (2004, Source - Asambhav)

Logo: On a moving space background with various blue space clouds and a galaxy on the right, a bright star from the top-right corner shoots a yellow laser beam that grows larger and larger, eventually forming a yellow prism. The prism slowly starts to rotate as a golden Sudarshana Chakra suddenly flies into view from the left side and rapidly travels around the prism while the prism slowly rotates and shifts its color to blue, eventually stopping as the same hand wielding it but in a shiny metallic texture slowly pops out from one of the sides of a prism, holding it with its finger. As it continues to rotate to another side, a yellow Trishul rotates and rises from the bottom-left and stops at the same position, which is followed by the same hand wielding it fading in the same fashion. The prism rotates for one last time where the same lotus flower but colored yellow appears blooming while the same hand wielding the flower simultaneously fades in the same texture. Finally, the prism rotates for one last time to first reveal the same company name in a burst effect, then reveal the other contents from the Trimurti Films logo as the prism briefly zooms out and transforms into the same detailed 2D Trimurti Films logo. To culminate the logo, the English and Hindi translations in yellow and in a stacked position wipe in the bottom part of the prism.

Trivia: The galaxy rotating in the background is an image of the unbarred spiral galaxy NGC 4622, also known as the Backward galaxy.


Music/Sounds: Another rendition of the man singing the mantra is heard that starts with a horn, some bells, and a swarmandal glissando. Throughout the logo, there is a string accompaniment and bells tonging every time the man pauses. The soundtrack ends with another swarmandal glissando.

Availability: It was only known to appear in Asambhav.