Closing Logo Group


Nicknames: "The Sperm", "The Strange Logo", "What Is Going On?"

Logo: On a black background, an red circle, pretty much an unfertilized human egg, is seen the middle of the screen, bobbling slightly as a badly done drawing of a sperm swimming on the bottom then the top, where it suddenly notices the egg. It then gets to the middle to observe the egg, swimming around it and then stopping to get ready to bump into it. It bumps into it, not breaking through it. It does it a second time, still not breaking it. As it starts to worry, it gets ready to bump into it a third time. It then does and the sperm successfully breaks it into to halves, in which they spin with the sperm before fusing into a stick figure shape. Then, the 3D white, tube-like text "tribe" rotates and zooms in, with the stick figure being over the "i". The text zooms in quickly and then zooms out to the left, revealing the red text "firstrites" next to it in the same font. The final result is this, "tribefirstrites". The URL "" fades in quickly in the same font as the words.

FX/SFX: The sperm and the 3D text. This is actually pretty well 2-D animated.

Music/Sounds: A quiet hum, followed by dialogue from the sperm "(scatting) What was that? Uh-huh. *whistles* Could this be love? You're the kind of ova I will not get over." After this, sexual tension noise and moaning voice (from the sperm) can be heard, followed by some drums when the text turns into place, a man says the word "TRIBE." in a serious voice, and then concluding with a WHOOSH, pop, and the sound of a baby crying.

Availability: So far, it was only seen on Middlemen, Waste, and The Widower.