D.O.A. (1988), Dick Tracy (1990), and Ransom (1996): The logo is in black & white.

Ed Wood (1994): Exactly like the D.O.A., Dick Tracy, and Ransom variants, but lighting occurs.

Kundun (1997): The whole logo, except the thunderflash is in a permanent geranium lake color.

Bicentennial Man (1999, non-USA): The Touchstone print logo is featured in the end credits.

Sorority Boys (2002): The logo turns into a 3D frosted glass figure of the logo, except for the text.

Gangs of New York (2002): Exactly like the Miramax logo seen in the movie, but the words "MIRAMAX FILMS" are replaced with "TOUCHSTONE PICTURES".

Déja Vù (2006): The logo plays normally until half way when it goes backwards. After that, it plays normally.

The Tempest (2010): The logo comes from the sun eclipse on teal background.

When in Rome (2010): When the logo finishes, we zoom out to reveal that the logo is a sign in a painting of an abstract city.

I Am Number Four (2011): The logo has a slight orange tint.

Need for Speed (2014): The first half of the logo is speed up, and after it completes, it cuts to black, instead of fading out.

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