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Topkapı Film (1975)

Nicknames: "Siam Star's Long-Lost Turkey Twin", "Hey! Watch Where You're Shooting!", "Stuck In The 60's: Turkish Way"

Logo: On a black background, we see the text "Topkapı (in a comedy font) FiLm". Below it we see the two words "Yaşar Tunalı" and "TAKDİM EDER" (which translates to PRESENTS).

FX/SFX: If you wish to count the tape damages, otherwise none.

Cheesy Factor: What is going on here?! Why is the Turkish film logo fading out with a gunshot being heard? Did the creator kill someone with his gun or something? Also, the music is warped and the logo is in black and white, looking like it was made in the 60's.

Music/Sounds: A western fanfare gone wrong (possibly due to film deterioration). When the logo fades out, a gunshot is heard.

Availability: Seen only on Nam-ı Diğer Çolak.

Scare Factor: Low to medium, due to the music, but it might elevate to high, because of the loud gunshot. Other than that, you may laugh at it because the music is warped!