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Tollin/Robbins Productions[]

Logo (April 16, 1994-June 11, 2012)[]

Visuals: On a black background, the green-camouflage colored letters "TRP" unfold. The text "Tollin/Robbins Productions" in the same colors reveals itself below. The first letter of each word matches the color of the "TRP" logo.


  • An in-credit variant exists.
  • A still variant also exists.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: Originally, a line from a character from the preceding show would be heard:

  • All That:
    • Season 1-5:
      • Kenan Thompson as Mavis: "Hey Clavis! Wake up! The show is over."
      • Kel Mitchell as Clavis: "Oh yeah, kick it!"
    • Season 7: Bryan Hearne as Zigfried the Cab Driver: "Dorn quiet! Jerk."
    • Season 8: Jack DeSena as Randy Quench, Volunteer Fireman: "Here comes me!"
    • Season 9: Jamie Lynn Spears as Thelma Stump: "Bacon good!"
    • Season 10: A random quote from the specific episode (e.g. the Zortogs says "MEAAAAAAT!!!", Chelsea Brummet says "Good thing you have a such girly hair!")
    • All That 10th Anniversary Reunion Special: Kenan Thompson as Lester Oaks, Construction Worker: "Crunch bunny!!"
  • Kenan & Kel: Kenan Rockmore, played by Kenan Thompson: "WHYYYYYYYYY??!!!!"
  • Cousin Skeeter: Skeeter, played by Bill Bellamy: "I'm okay! I'm oh-kay."
  • The Amanda Show: Penelope Taynt, played by Amanda Bynes: "Amanda, please!"
    • On at least one episode, Penelope is heard yelling "WHEEEEERE'S AMANDA?!" instead.
    • Another episode had Moody's mom, played by Maureen McCormick yelling "MOODY!!"
  • The Nick Cannon Show: Nick Cannon says "We taking over."

Audio Variants:

  • From October 16, 2001 to March 24, 2006, it is completely silent.
  • On Smallville starting with the season 1 episode "Crush", Birds of Prey, and One Tree Hill, a quiet string stinger composed by Mark Snow is heard.
  • Sometimes, it's the ending of the show's theme song, like in The Bronx is Burning and season 6 of All That (most likely due to Thompson and Mitchell's departure from the show).
  • NBC, ABC and The WB (later The CW) airings used their respective generic themes.
  • On episode 4 of Birds with Prey, the 1994 Warner Bros. Television music comes slightly early, which causes part of the logo to play with the music.

Availability: The music variant appears on episode 19 onwards of Smallville, Birds of Prey, and One Tree Hill. The older versions are currently seen on Kenan & Kel, The Amanda Show, and All That on DVD and iTunes. The still version appeared on Arli$$ on its compilation DVD release. The All That variant appeared on The Amanda Show during a March 2002 airing on SNICK. The silent variant also appears on first eighteen episodes of Smallville and What I Like About You.


Logo (1999-2003?)[]

Visuals: Against a black background are three letters: "M" (in silver) above and "T", and "R" (both in blue) below all in the same font as the TRP logo zooming-out slowly and placing themselves in the center. Then, "arquee", "ollin/", and "obbins" in the same respective color as their respective letters appear.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: The end theme or none.

Availability: It appeared on some (if not all) final season episodes of The Amanda Show, as well as Cousin Skeeter, and later seasons of All That and Arli$$. It has since been plastered over with the Tollin/Robbins Productions logo. It was also seen on some episodes of Nickelodeon Sports Theater with Shaquille O'Neal.

Tollin Productions[]

(November 10, 2012-January 19, 2013, November 23-December 21, 2021)[]


Tollin Productions-Fremantle Media North America-Fremantle Media Enterprises

Visuals: On a blue old-film background, the word "Tollin" writes itself. The word "PRODUCTIONS" fades in after.

Variant: On Klutch Academy, the logo is slowed down and ends early before "PRODUCTIONS" fades in.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: None or the closing theme.

Availability: Originally seen on Wedding Band on TBS, and was later revived for Klutch Academy on BET.