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In Loving Memory of Ivan Reitman -- the greatest filmmaker who made the classic version of Ghostbusters.


This is the production company founded by the late producer/director Ivan Reitman and the late Tom Pollock (both beloved men together) as a successor to Northern Lights Entertainment in 1998. It is named after the community in which Reitman grew up: Montecito, California. Reitman also owned Coldsprings Media while his daughter Catherine owns Wolf + Rabbit Entertainment with her husband Philip Sternberg, both of which produced the series Workin' Moms for CBC. Montecito did not have a logo until 2000. The company itself will be currently owned by his son, Jason.

(May 19, 2000-December 22, 2017)[]

Nickname: "The Bellhouse"

Logo: On a black background, water splashes on the logo on screen and zoom away to reveal rocks, and then finally revealing trees in the camera. The camera pans back to reveal that is a brown bellhouse with a bell ringing, then a box zooms backwards surrounding the brown bellhouse and below the picture we reveal the words "The Montecito Picture Company".


  • On Road Trip, the logo is shortened and more cheaper-looking. This appears to be a prototype variant.
  • On Alienators: Evolution Continues, Hitchcock and Baywatch, the logo is shortened as well.

FX/SFX: It's all CGI.

Music/Sounds: A dramatic synth tune, with water sounds and bell ringing sounds, ending with a fanfare, composed by Bill Byrne. In other cases, it is usually the film's soundtrack, plus the accompanying sound effects like the water splashing and bell ringing sounds throughout the sequence. The prototype variant uses a different arrangement of the theme.

Availability: Debuted on Road Trip and appears on films such as Old School, EvolutionDisturbiaPost GradUp in the Air, No Strings Attached and Draft Day, with the last film to use this being Father Figures. This can be also seen on the animated series Alienators: Evolution Continues. However, this doesn't appear on Hotel for Dogs at all.

2nd Logo (October 15, 2020- )[]

Nickname: "The New Bell Tower"

Logo: We fade in with the ocean view at sunrise, with mountains on the background, then the camera moves quickly to the left then zooms out while the dawn changes to midday (as in the previous logo), revealing a huge mountain/hill scenery and what appears to be a small set of houses, with a small flock of seagulls flying around the ocean and a sailboat off in the distance. We continue to zoom out and then pass by the bell tower. The bell is now golden, the bricks on the tower are lighter (as opposed to the darker bricks from the previous logo and its prototype variant) and everything from background to tower is now more detailed. As the bell rings, we zoom out and the image is again enclosed on a box. As the box zooms out, "THE MONTECITO PICTURE COMPANY" in all-caps, with "MONTECITO" wiping in as it zooms out, appear below the box in a salmon-ish color.

Variant: A new print logo appears at the end credits of A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting.

FX/SFX: Beautiful CGI by Filmograph, largely upgraded from the previous logo.

Music/Sounds: A majestic string and brass fanfare, with the bell ringing sounds at the end. If you listen closely, the bell sounds are faster than the bell animation.

Availability: Current. So far, it has been seen on A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting.