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Background: Thế Hệ Trẻ ("Younger Generation" in Vietnamese) is a company based in Westminster, California that specializes in Vietnamese-language educational products.



Thế Hệ Trẻ (1989-)

Nicknames: "Vietnamese Text in 10 FPS", "Word-Art In Microsoft PowerPoint", "The Weird Kids"

Logo: We see blue three-dimensional text that says "Trung Tâm Băng Nhạc" (which translates to "Tape Music Center") spin on to the top of the screen. We then see "THẾ HỆ TRẺ" appear in a gold font under this. There are animated birds and colored musical notes flying around. Children start skipping around on the bottom after a while. Everything then slowly works its way out.

Variant: Sometimes, the program name appears at the bottom of the logo.

FX/SFX: The animation in the logo.

Music/Sounds: A bouncy children's tune containing Vietnamese lyrics.

Availability: Can still be seen on TV in some parts of the United States (depending on cable provider). Also seen on VHS and DVDs released by the company.

Editor's Note: This logo was known for its poor animation and catchy song.