Closing Logo Group

1st Logo

Tempo Pre-School 1992-2005 Logo

Nickname: "Jack-in-the-Box"

Logo: On a white background, we see a black-outlined oval with a drawing of a jack-in-the-box juggling three blue balls. The jack-in-the-box has red and yellow-green sides with red polka-dots clothing and a matching hat and a red spring. The box is blue with a yellow zigzag drawn on it. Above the jack-in-the-box is "Tempo pre-school" in red drawn font.

FX/SFX: None; it's a still logo.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Uncommon. Mainly seen on promos for tapes in the Tempo Pre-School lineup during the early-to-mid 1990's, such examples include:

  • Read Along with Postman Pat and Postman Pat's ABC and 123 Stories.
  • The It's Fun to Learn with Spot trilogy ("Colours and Shapes", "Opposites and First Words", and "Alphabet, Counting and Telling the Time").
  • The Little Learners series (Mr. Men: The Great Alphabet Hunt, Paddington's Alphabet Treasure Hunt)
  • The A Day Full Of... series (A Day Full of Songs, A Day Full of Fun, A Day Full of Surprises and Songs and A Day Full of Animals and Songs)
  • Fun Song Factory and Fun Song Factory 2
  • Bump: My First Video and Bump and Friends
  • Spot Goes to the Farm and Storytime with Spot
  • A Bear Called Paddington, Paddington's Holiday Fun and Paddington Christmas Special.
  • Also shows up on several compilation releases, such as My Favourite Playgroup Video, and NSPCC CHildren's TV Favourites Volume 2.
  • The Oval-less version appears at the beginning on several Abbey DVDs licensed to Prism Leisure DVDs, including Mr Men: The Great Alphabet Hunt and for some reason, Mona the Vampire.
  • Some later VHS reissues of these releases, and any DVD reissue plasters this logo with the next one.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Logo

Nickname: "Jack-in-the-Box II" "Surprise!"

Logo: We see a blue box with yellow zigzags around it, in a corner of a bedroom. The camera revolves to the front of it, then after a second, it shakes. It does so a few times, then a jack-in-the-box (in its same style as before) with two blue balls either side of its face and one on top jumps out and sways forwards and backwards 3 times. The words "Tempo pre-school" appear in the same font and in an arc via shining light, then the bedroom corner changes to a white background with the Jack-in-the-box in an oval. The Abbey Home Entertainment logo appears at the bottom right corner of the screen.

FX/SFX: The shaking of the box, the swaying of the jack-in-the-box, and the words appearing one by one via shining light.

Music/Sounds: A keyboard synth with an xylophone back-up, plus a quiet thudding sound when the box shakes, followed by a springing noise when the Jack-in-the-box jumps out. When the words appear via light, a twinkling sound occurs.

Availability: Very common, it survived for almost fifteen years and appears on almost every release from the label at the time on both VHS and DVD from Abbey Home Entertainment, Just Entertainment, and Abbey Home Media:

  • It appears on the Fun Song Factory releases Christmas at the Fun Song Factory, Party Time at the Fun Song Factory, and "The Fun Song Factory at Old MacDonald's Farm" ("Fun Song Factory: Fun and Games" and Fun Song Factory: Nursery Rhyme Land solely use the Tempo Video logo), as well as two tapes from the 1998 TV series: " Colours, Collywobbles, Hide and Seek" and "Please & Thank You/Picnic Time/Helping". The 2002 reissues of the original live shows from Universal Pictures UK plaster this logo with theirs.
  • It It also plasters over the previous logo on DVD reissues of older VHS originals, and on some VHS reissues as well.
  • Oddly enough, it also appears on Redwall: The Movie, which uses Tempo Video branding on the packaging.
  • During the Just Entertainment era, this showed up on the Polka Dot Shorts VHS releases Humpty's Fair Share, "A Star is Born", "Pardon My Garden", "Badge of Merit", "Bibble's Birthday", and "Sweet and Sour Surprise", the Rolie Polie Olie VHS releases "Gotcha! and "Doggy Day Afternoon", as well as releases of MacDonald's Farm.
  • It also appears on compilation releases such as Bumper Favorites are a few other examples.
    • It does not, however, appear on Calling All Toddlers!, Calling All Toddlers! 2, which both have no logos at all.
  • On Abbey Home Media releases, this logo always follows the former company's logo.
    • As such, you can find it on VHS and DVDs of Wide Eye, the Pocket Dragon Adventures DVD releases Follow the Leader, Christmas Rap (which use Just's logo on VHS) and Gone with the Wind, DVDs of Little People, Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs, the 2007 revival series of The Magic Roundabout, Elmo's World: Wake Up With Elmo and Dancing, Music and Books!, among others.
    • One of the last releases with this logo is Get Squiggling!: Animal Magic.

Editor's Note: The CGI looks pretty dated for 1996 standards, and still does today. Not to mention the logo retained the Abbey Home Entertainment logo even after that company was purchased by the Just Group in 2000 and changed their logo.