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Televizija Republike Srpske (locally known just as RTRS or Cyrillic РТРС) is a Bosnian entity level public mainstream TV channel operated by RTRS. The program is broadcast on a daily basis, 24 hours from RTRS headquarters located in Banja Luka. The radio and television programs are mainly produced in Serbian and with Cyrillic alphabet. The station's diverse programming includes news, talk shows, documentaries, sports, movies, mosaic, children's programs, etc.



Logo: Over a beige background, the RTRS logo (the four letters "PTPC" in individual squares) is shown. Three thinner squares appear over the logo, and the website address goes over it. It shines and some effect is seen from it. A text, which displays "Dio Vas!" on Cyrilic, Serbo-Croatian appears drawing over the RTRS logo.

FX/SFX: The text appearing, the effect, the shining and the drawing.

Cheesy Factor: Half-hearted CGI, surprisingly outdated for the 2000s.

Music/Sounds: A dreamy/dubstep ditty, with an announcer saying the company name.

Availability: Uncommon on Republika Sprska, seen only as a station ID.

Scare Factor: Low if you're unfamiliar with 2000s CGI, but it's harmless otherwise.