Closing Logo Group

Background: TeleNext Media Inc. is a spin-off company of Procter & Gamble Productions, Inc. that produced the final episodes of As the World Turns and Guiding Light, and currently co-produces the annual People's Choice Awards with PGP. Today PGP continues to produce made-for-TV movies as well. In 2013, it was renamed to Procter & Gamble Entertainment, Inc.

(July 1, 2008-2011?)

Nickname: "The Play Button"

Logo: On a white background, a play button is seen. It then zooms out and moves to the right, forming the text:

                 MEDIA INC

FX/SFX: The play button zooming out, moving to the right, and forming text.

Music/Sounds: Computer sound effects, followed by an uptempo theme. However, this can only be heard on prints of World and Light episodes, as CBS airings used their generic theme.

Availability: Uncommon. Seen on broadcasts of As the World Turns (which ended on September 17, 2010) and Guiding Light (which ended September 18, 2009) on CBS and This logo was recently spotted on the 2011 People's Choice Awards on CBS.

Scare Factor: Minimal. The sounds may get to some, but it's a neat logo.