Closing Logo Group

1st Logo



Logo: On a cloudy background, we see some rocky mountains, and the fact that three are more larger and seen than the others. A transparent line/glass wall appears over the text. Over it there is a sunburst which emmits rays, along with the Cantonese text like this: "桃源電影企業公司", which describes translated to "Tao Yuen Motion Picture Development Company", along with a rocky ground on it. In the downwards side of the screen, we see the shadow of the logo, that is surrounded by an ocean.

FX/SFX: The rays moving.

Cheesy Factor: The background with the rocky mountains looks more than a VERY big islet. The text seems like it's rip-offing 20th Century Fox, but the rays doesn't look like searchlights. It's unnecessary to also put a shadow on the river.

Music/Sounds: An proud orchestral fanfare which sounds more like an national anthem.

Availability: Seen on their films of their time, but it's mostly rare, bordering on extinct. An example of it is the Magic Cup saga, or even the film Dangerous Moves.

Scare Factor: Medium. A national anthem-like fanfare combined with a diagonal-looking text on rocky mountains wouldn't sit well with some Cantonese audiences, but otherwise this is an excellent logo, probably beacuse of the rays and the details, such as the shadows. However, it's the perfect scary logo to get used to!