Closing Logo Group

(June 6, 1988-August 4, 2000)[]


Logo: On a dark background, we see the back of a statue depicting a woman above a table with a red blanket. The statue turns 180 degrees, and the woman appears with three kids, all around her legs. Then, a white light appears from behind the statue, forming a circle made of red-green-blue vertical lines. Finally, another light illuminates the front part of the statue.

FX/SFX: The statue and the table-turning, the lights and the tricolor lines.

Music/Sounds: A group of male voices singing, with a tanpura playing through, and some notes of a xylophone just when the light behind the statue is turned on.

Availability: Seen on Poonthotta Kaavalkaaran, Paattukku Oru Thalaivan, and Simmasanam.

Editor's Note: Some effects may induce scariness due to this logo's overall darkness. This is mostly harmless though, as the male voices are happily singing.