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Logo description by Shadeed A. Kelly

Logo captures by mr3urious and Shadeed A. Kelly


In 2003, FremantleMedia merged their two successful television production company subsidiaries: Talkback Productions and Thames Television into one mega British television production company "Talkback Thames" (or spelled as "talkbackTHAMES"). Both companies continued using their newly respected logos with the Talkback Thames logo below on the logo until 2006, when the company unveiled a new production logo combining both names. On 1 January 2012, the company was split into four separate brands under FremantleMedia UK: Thames (mainstream), Talkback (comedy shows), Retort (scripted comedy) and Boundless (factual programming).

2nd Logo (2005-December 31, 2011)[]

Nicknames: "tT", "The Sliding Ts"

Logo: On a blue background, we see a lowercase green "t" inside an uppercase blue "T". Both T's would slide apart with the lowercase "t" sliding up and the uppercase "T" sliding down. The T's would later turn diagonal and have the remaining letters fading in and zoom-out with "alkback" above and "HAMES" below. The left side of the background would turn green from the lower left-hand corner with the blue shade of color on the right side (the respective colors of talkbackTHAMES and seen on the 2003 logos) while the logo is animating and the logo would zoom-out into a white oval-like field. The copyright stamp to FremantleMedia " © FremantleMedia [YEAR]" would fade in below.


  • This logo would appear as an in-credit as it zooms to the corner on co-produced shows.
  • On the game Family Fortunes for NDS, the logo is made on white background.
  • The version appeared on DVDs has only "Part of FremantleMedia" mark just under the name.
  • Sometimes, a copyright stamp isn't shown below.

FX/SFX: The sliding T's.

Music/Sounds: The finishing of the end-title theme from any show.

Availability: Common. The standard one is currently seen on such shows like the final four series of The Bill among others. The in-credit logo is seen on such shows like How Clean is Your House?