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Tahir Films (formally as Tohdar Films) was a film company in Pakistan that released Pashto language films in the 2000s.


Nicknames: "The TF Vortex", "The Eye of TF"

Logo: A CGI eye with a moving vortex in its pupil blinks three times. It then zooms in to a blue vortex in its pupil. Then, a gold T zooms in to us, then a gold F zooms in with the T. Then, the company's name in Pushto, also in a gold color spins while zooming in, which then stops and zooms down a bit. The vortex then zooms out to show the rest of the eye for a couple of seconds.


  • Sometimes, the logo begins without the eye and starts on the vortex.
  • On Sta Khandada Yarane Da, the vortex is a red color.
  • On Mala Janan Rawalay, the logo starts with a fade in from black to the logo. The vortex is also in yellow color.

FX/SFX: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: Some loud bangs from a snare drum followed by a brief vocal stint and a loud lyre tune.

Music/Sounds/Variant: On Mata Janan Au Waya, the drums have an echo effect.

Availability: Common. Seen on Mata Janan Au Waya, Shama Chah Baligi Patangan Razi, Aazad Qaidi, Sta Khandada Yarane Da, Sta Da Dwo Stargo Dapara, Khani Na Faqeeri Ba Mane, Zanzeer, Khani Na Faqeeri Ba Mane, Sok Bewafa Dey, Nadaan Zargrey, Jwand Da Janan Sara, Mala Janan Rawalay and Stada Daostargo Dapara.

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