(2014-Mid 2017)

Logo: The animation of The Weinstein Company logo plays with the "TWC" version, but it's tinted in teal/white. Afterwards, "TWC" slides to the left as "-Dimension" slides in from the right becoming "TWC-Dimensuon". The text shines and fades out with the dimming out the front light.


  • On the trailers for Paddington (2015), it is still and tinted orange.
  • On the TV adaptation of The Mist, it fades in as "TWC" slides and fades out through most of the text shining.
  • On the first version of the U.S. teaser trailer for Paddington 2 (Originally the next movie from the company, but bankrupted after Harvey Weinstein fired from the company), it is the same as the first variant but takes place on the blue background.

FX/SFX/Music/Sounds: Same as the TWC logo.

Music/Sounds Variant:The TV version has TBA.

Availability: Extremely rare. The normal version is only shown on Paddington (2015).

Scare Factor: None.

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