Closing Logo Group

Background: Despite the name of the company, TV Omega was actually a distributor of home video.

1st Logo (1980s?-1990s?)

Nicknames: “Spanish Irritating Synth”, “Video Feedback Central”, “Abundance of Presentas”


Logo: We see a green square outline on a black background to start. “TV”, in a bold red font, moves from the left to the center of the screen. There are blue copies of the “TV” wordmark behind it. "OMEGA", in a plain whitish font, spins out from the right, with copies behind it. This moves up to the center of "TV”, and the copies of the “OMEGA“ wordmark disappear. Multiple blue squares are formed, until they gradually become smaller and move towards the center, and back out vertically on the other side of the screen. The trailing of the blue square continues, until you see "PRESENTA", with copies behind it, moving to the bottom of the screen. The "PRESENTA" text turns black, only to have some of them turn blue with a "traveling" effect,

FX/SFX: The animation of the words and blue squares at the end. The effects match the music quite well, actually.

Cheesy Factor: This would have been so much simpler if the creators did not emphasize video feedback effects. They only cause ugliness to the logo instead of enhancing aesthetics, and are not performed correctly in the beginning of the logo (where TV did not have the copies behind it on-center, therefore causing it to look like some sort of irregularity sticking out of it.) The music at the beginning also sounds a bit harsh, causing discomfort for some viewers.

Music/Sounds: A catchy keyboard tune that includes a loud, long descending drone.

Availability: Most likely rare, but extinct if you do not live in Spain. Look on Spanish ebay/amazon sites.

Scare Factor: Medium. The video feedback effects and chilling drone don't make this harmless, but it's nothing entirely evil. The music might also become a favorite of some.