Closing Logo Group

Background: An afilliate of Rede Record along with TV Lider and TV Castanhal.

The logo can be seen here.


Nicknames: "The Cheapest Amazonian Logo" "Les Studios Marko's Brazilian Brother", TBA.

TV Mania Canal 22

Logo: On a static-like lined blue background with something suspicious moving on it (possibly the world), the text "TV M" on white on a blue-gray diagonal-like square (with the M being diagonal too) with in saying "AFILIADA A REDE RECORD" on it's bottom on black and over the right the text "ANIA" on a neon white, dark blue colored text, with over the bottom saying "CANAL 22" with the number being more bigger than it zooming in. The final result is such like this:



FX/SFX: The zooming in, the suspicious think moving.

Cheesy Factor: Off the scale.

Music/Sounds: A 80's rock-pop medium-length melody which abruptly begins and ends, with some men singing "A todo mundo ligado na Record, A todo mundo ligado, A! Todo mundo ligado na Record!"

Availability: Currently can be seen on TV Mania, but it's uncommon to find in so you have to live on Pará.

Scare Factor: Low to medium because of the music, which would surprise people. But you must laugh at this so-called "choppy rendition of a simple logo" even existing and getting more acceptable for today!