Closing Logo Group

Background: TVE Brazil coordinated with the defunct TV Cultura Televisão Public Rede. For many years, TVE Brazil was fairly well watched amongst Brazilians, with some 16 million viewers reported. Until the beginning of the 1990, TVE Brazil was under the supervision of the Ministry of Education (Brazil). Until this year, each medium was administered alone, there was no central body each and every programming station operated separately. Without a well-defined communication policy, successive changes in the presidency and total lack of fiscal responsibility by the directors, the Foundation Roquette Pinto went into bankruptcy with debts over 34 million reais. The federal government radically changed the way they operated in 1998 and founded ACERP (Associação de Comunicação Educativa Roquette Pinto), as a social organization, taking its staff, assets and concessions. In 2007 it was surrendered to the Brazil Comunicação Company (EBC), which was linked to the Ministry of Social Communication of the Brazilian Government and ceased operations, now replaced by TV Brasil.

1st Logo


Nicknames: "The Blurry Yellow Logo" "The TVE MEC's First Years" "Intermede's Brazilian Cousin" "The Origins of TVE" "Not To Be Confused With The Spanish Network"

Logo: TBA

FX/SFX: The zooming in of the text and the logo and the spinning of everything at last, which used effects that were way too ahead of it's time.

Cheesy Factor: Whoever preserved this logo didn't look right the print, since it's over 40 years old and for the same reason, the image is blurry and the colors are just disoriented. The effects though have very shiny lights, which make the logo barely visible, except for the first part. The effects are also dated for it's time, but most important, What is "MEC" supposed to mean?

Music/Sounds: A a trumpet fanfare which segues into a samba melody. An announcer plays over it.

Availability: Long since extinct, since it's not on TV anymore.

Scare Factor: Low to high if you can't get interest on it's models and shiny brights, also the film deterioration and sudden zoom in of the logo. It's even lower for those who used to it.

2nd Logo