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Nicknames: "Too Much Chyron", "SeizureVideo/SuperSeizure", "ChyronVideo/SuperChyron", "SuperAcidTrip","The Personification of All That Is Seizure Inducing", "Chyron World", "What Did I Just See?", "TrippyVideo", "GAH! MY EYES!", "Videoring's Brother", "MY EYES, MY BEAUTIFUL EYES!"

Logo: On a green-blue gradient background, we see a green-blue chyron trail that says "SuperVideo" in a font that kind of looks like Avant-Garde Gothic; the trail is to the right. Then another "SuperVideo" chyron trail fades in. A scrolling "SuperVideo" chyron trail goes across the screen quickly, like the Windows Movie Maker title "Scroll, Banner" except with much more chyron. Then assorted rainbow chyron trails that say "SuperVideo" surround the screen, and it's nothing but chyron trails for some time, but, then, on a black background with a spotlight, a red-orange chyron trail that says "SuperVideo" appears, and the spotlight is turned off, leaving the words "SuperVideo" in red-orange and a shadowy clone behind it.

FX/SFX: The constant use of chyron, the spotlight being turned off. 

Music/Sounds: A psychedelic, oriental-sounding ditty, at first completely synthesized, 3 long notes and then 2 short notes, repeating 5 times, but later with flutes, a gong, a lute and a triangle (taken from a track from the soundtrack to A Fistful of Dollars), still sounding oriental like the first half. That track repeats when the black background and SuperVideo trail appear.

Availability: Rare. Probably on old German PAL tapes. Look on, or go to Germany and check a mom-and-pop store for tapes with a SuperVideo print.

Editor's Note: This logo is overreliant on chyron, making it look as if its animators took acid before animating it. Also, the background in the first half looks like it was taken underwater.