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Warning: The videos below are loud, so turn down your volume before watching it.

Suneha arts


Logo: Over a sunset landscape, there are six live silhouettes consisting of two playing the tutari and four hitting the drums. Then, this text appears via blur effect:



Not to mention that it zooms in. Finally, after the drummers put their hands in the air, the logo freezes.

FX/SFX: It's all live action. The text blurring and zooming in is on 2D graphics.

Music/Sounds: A highly rhythmical melody with the tutari blowing and drums. The tutari sounds similar to the 2nd Titwala Filmwalas logo.

Availability: Common, bordering on rare. Seen on Ram Lakhan, Prem Deewane, Jean and Sham Ghansham.

Editor's Note: None.