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Studio Filmowe Kadr (or KADR for short) was a Polish film production company founded on May 1, 1955 by Jerzy Kawalerowicz. Due to conflicts with authorities in part due to the 1968 Polish political crisis, the company was dissolved. It would resume activities on January 1, 1972. Kawalerowicz continued to be part of the company as artistic director until his death in 2007. On October 1, 2019, Kadr merged with the Tor, Zebra, SMF, and WFDiF studios to former a new documentary and film studio as ordered by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

1st Logo (January 17, 1957-2002, March 4, 2011-September 13, 2019)[]

Logo: On a black background, there is one piece of a film strip with the picture consisting of multiple copies of "kadr" scrolling down. On top, the text "zespół realizatorów filmowych" types in, followed by bolded company name "KADR" to appear within the film strip. Then, "przedstawia" types in below. After all of this, the screen zooms in, fading to black in the process.


  • The earliest version of this logo has the top text read "zespół autorów filmowych", the text resembles more like the Stencil typeface, and the film strip holes are slightly rough.
  • It was altered the next year where it almost resembles the normal logo used from 1958 to 1969, but with the top text still reading that from the early variant and "przedstawia" in a lower position.
  • When the studio started releasing films again in 1973, text outside the film strip are bigger with the top one reading "zespół filmowy". "KADR" is also in a different font and bigger.
  • The logo was colorized starting in 1975, with the text (excluding the scrolling "kadr" copies, which are black) in gold, "KADR" has a black shadow, and the film strip is colored green. The text outside the film strip are also thinner.
  • In 1980, the logo is more 2D with "KADR"'s shadow removed and the outside text bolder. This variant resembles the 1973 one but with "KADR" smaller and the film strip in a tube shape.
  • <nowiki>Before its retirement in 2002, the outside text resemble more like the Courier typeface rather than Times New Roman. Plus, the top text now reads "studio filmowe".
  • This logo was updated in 2011 where it resembles the 1958 logo except with the scrolling "kadr" copies replaced with outlines of the "KADR" text in a Stencil-like font. The outside text for this variant is the same used in the pre-2002 variant but now white and in a contemporary font. After the logo finishes typing in, the screen zooms in and doesn't fade out for a few more seconds.

FX/SFX: The text scrolling, typing in, and appearing, and the screen zooming in.

Music/Sounds: Loud typewriter sounds when the text is being typed in, A deep bang is heard when "KADR" appears.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Some films feature quieter typewriter sounds.
  • The 2011 variant features a film rolling in the background as well as bell sounds before and after the text types in. There is also a whoosh sound when the screen zooms into the film strip.

Availability: Common, thanks to the studio's large output spanning over 50 years.

  • It debuted on their first film, Man on the Tracks. This, alongside Ashes and Diamonds, are the only known movies to use the early variant. The Criterion Collection's blu-ray release of the latter film has this variant intact.
  • The 1957 variant was seen on Kanal and Był sobie raz..., among a few others. The first film to use the 1958 version was Ostatni dzień lata and was seen throughout the 60's until the company's dissolution with Ostatni po Bogu being the last to use it.
  • The 1973 variant first appeared on Bułeczka whereas the 1975 one debuted on Hazardziści. The latter was later seen on Chciałbym się zgubić, which is preserved on TV airings. The 1980 variant was seen on the 1974 film Wiosna Panie Sierzancie and became the primary variant used beginning with Spotkanie na Atlantyku, King Size and up until Za co?. It did not appear on Quo Vadis since KADR was a co-producer.
  • The 2011 variant debuted on Sala samobójców and was last seen on Piłsudski, released a few weeks before the company merged. It was also seen on modern printings of older films such as Kanal where this logo either appears before the older variant or plasters it entirely.

2nd Logo (September 22, 2006-August 27, 2010)[]

Logo: Essentially a remake of the previous logo where it starts off in the same fashion as before with the "kadr" copies capitalized and in gold. The top text, in white, reads "Studio Filmowe" and when "KADR" appears, the background copies of said text fade out. This is then followed by the bottom text "przedstawia" to type in.


  • An in-credit version exists.
    • One version consists of just the logo without the outside text.
    • Another has this logo inside a white box.
  • On Święty interes, "przedstawia" was removed.

FX/SFX: Mostly the same as before.

Music/Sounds: Different typewriter sounds and a bang with more reverb.

Availability: Rare. During this period, the studio didn't produce that many films and was mostly a co-producer. Due to this, the normal variant is scarce and was only seen on Rewers and Święty interes. The in-credit variant appears at the end of Kto nigdy nie żył... and Ogród Luizy.