Closing Logo Group

Logo description by Shadeed A. Kelly Logo captures by V of Doom and Dean Stewart Rumsey Editions by V of Doom

(1980s) Sony Video LP (1985)Sony Video EPSony Video 45Sony Video 45 (early 80's)

Logo: On a white background, we have the word "SONY" in its respective font. Below it has the stylized word "Video" outlined with a drop shadow effect with a line below.

Variants: Below the word "Video" has these variants on the line: LP: VHS tapes that plays in longer play. EP: VHS tapes that plays in extended play. 45: TBA One version of the 45 variant took place on a black background, had the Sony logo in white set to the left of the screen, featured a white segmented rectangle in the middle of the screen with a black segmented shooting star in the middle with "VIDEO 45" also in black with a white shadow on the right.

FX/SFX: The fade in and fade out.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Rare. It's seen on VHS releases of Tears for Fears: The Videosingles, The Beatles: Ready, Steady, Go Live!, Bon Jovi: Breakout, and California Images: Hi-Fi For the Eyes. The black background variant was seen on J. Geils Band.

Scare Factor: None.