Closing Logo Group

Background: Sony Pictures Consumer Products is an interactive division of Sony Pictures Entertainment. It was created to specialize on video games licensed from Columbia TriStar Pictures' franchises.


Logo: Same as the Sony Pictures Home Entertainment logo, but "CONSUMER PRODUCTS" replaces "HOME ENTERTAINMENT".


  • On early games, a still version on a white background is used. Nintendo DS games use the same version. The words "CONSUMER PRODUCTS" are in Bank Gothic MD BT font, the same font that's used on the print logo for Columbia Pictures. There is no line that separates in between "PICTURES" and "CONSUMER".
  • On Monster House, the words "CONSUMER PRODUCTS" are gray.

FX/SFX: Same as the Sony Pictures Home Entertainment logo. None for the NDS variant.

Music/Sounds: Same as above.

Availability: Common. The still version is found on games like Monster House and Open Season. The animated version is seen on Ghostbusters: The Video Game and Men in Black: Alien Crisis among others. On Battle: Los Angeles and DS games, the still version is used. Also seen on The Smurfs for NDS.