Closing Logo Group


Nicknames: "Searchlight Mountains and the Earth Standing on Roman Columns", "Another Act of Blatant Theft", "The Only Logo With The Ability To Shift Weather Patterns" "API(Air Programs International)'s Nigerian Cousin"

Logo: We see a blue cloudy sky and green mountains. Searchlights are seen moving around these mountains. The camera zooms out a little, causing the beams from searchlights to turn sky blue then pinkish-red. Later, everything cheaply fades into some roman columns on a sand surface, as the background changes to black. A rainbow line passes through all these columns and goes back and forth. The planet Earth later fades in above these columns, the background changes into a blue light background. The rainbow line disappears. The words "SOMACO" (in rainbow color), "International." and "Ltd." (in blue script font) zoom out and place themselves and the Earth disappears. Meanwhile, the words rotate a bit to face us, and then zoom back until everything starts to fade to black.

FX/SFX: Everything.

Cheesy Factor: Typical for Nigerian logos, it uses cheapo animation (example: the clouds suddenly change position in the beginning), sound dissonance, and stolen music.

Music/Sounds: A rather dramatic orchestral fanfare that looks like something from an horror/thriller movie. While this plays, the OS/2 Warp 4 startup sound, a stock majestic brass fanfare (which sounds like the Lorimar Television "Marble Background" and the ending of the Columbia Pictures logo's themes combined), and the OS/2 Warp 3 shutdown sound plays. A whoosh when the words zoom out, and then deep slamming sounds plays after.

Availability: Rare. Only spotted on Songs of Sorrow and I Should Have Closed My Legs.