Closing Logo Group

Background: Slaughterhouse Entertainment is Wally Koz's film studio, solely formed to produce the shot-on-video horror film 555.


Logo: In the distance, the logo spins counter-clockwise from slow to fast and zooms in to a close-up. The logo consists of a skeleton behind a cylinder (which is shorter than the skeleton) on the white vertical oval with a thin red outline. The skeleton's right arm that's over the top circle of the cylinder is supported by a cane. The top circle of the cylinder reads:



And in the center of the cylinder we see a B&W drawing of a house (with a barn next to the house) with a leafless tree and a cat in front of it.

FX/SFX: Limited 3D spinning animation.

Music/Sounds: An extremely spooky synthesized organ theme that ends with a woman screaming in horror.

Availability: Ultra rare. Only seen on 555.

Editor's Note: There is little to no effort in this logo at all, not to mention that the music isn't really that good, as with the drawing and the (off-center) logo rotation. What is meant by off center is that the logo is spinning around an origin point just behind the logo itself, instead of the centre of the logo so the spinning seems off.