Closing Logo Group

Background: This was the production company of writer/producer Alan Zweibel.



  • 1988-1991: On a blue and teal gradient background is a yellow bird with an army helmet and rifle standing on a fence. After a moment, the words "SiLLY robiN prodUctioNs" fades in under the fence.
  • 1992: We see the yellow bird holding an artillery and wearing an army helmet while standing on a fence with the words on it "SiLLY robiN prodUctioNs". The bird sneezes "ACHOO!", then an artillery shoots, making the bird fall off the fence, along with the feathers.

FX/SFX: Cartoon animation.


  • 1988-1991: The closing theme to the show.
  • 1992: The bird saying "ACHOO!" then the sound of the gunshot.

Availability: Seen on The Please Watch the Jon Lovitz Special, which aired on FOX. Might have also appeared on the short-lived Showtime series The Boys (NOT the 1993 CBS or 2019 Amazon show) CBS sitcom Good Sports.

Editor's Note: None. It's a humorous logo.