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Sidus Pictures (formerly called Uno Film, Sidus and Sidus FNH) is a film production and distribution company based in Seoul, South Korea. Sidus was founded by James Hyung Soon Kim after taking over Uno Films, which began in 1995. The company changed its name to Sidus in 2000 and merged with EBM, a talent management firm. The talent management and film production divisions split in 2005, with the former becoming iHQ (also known as SidusHQ). Also in 2005, Sidus was acquired by KT Corporation, under which Sidus began investing in and distributing domestic and foreign films. In 2014, Sidus was acquired by Locus Corporation, which is headed by Sidus's original founder Kim.

Uno Film[]


Uno Film (2000s) (Credit - Cal Wigley)



Sidus (2003) (From - Memories of Murder)

Sidus FNH[]


Sidus FNH Entertainment & Contents Company logo

Sidus Pictures[]


Sidus Pictures (2019) (From - Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs)