Closing Logo Group

1st Logo
(March 2, 1990-January 4, 1991)

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Nickname: "Leo the Lion's brother from Pakistan"

Logo: On a blue background, we see a lion in a green circle with stars in an arch. On top of the circle, there's an emblem with an yellow S on it. On the bottom, there's text saying "SHERA FILM'S CORPORATION".

FX/SFX: Either a zoom-out or none.

Music/Sounds: A fanfare that's cut off from the beginning.

Music/Sounds Variant: On Rambo, the fanfare is slightly longer.

Availability: Only seen Palay Khan and Rambo.

Editor's Note: The lion is a painfully obvious rip-off of Leo the Lion.

2nd Logo

(1991-December 31, 1994)


Logo: On a black background, a tiger pops into view, along with a golden S. Other letters start to appear, and they form the following:



The letters rise up and the word Presents appears at the bottom.

FX/SFX: Mainly the golden S spinning.

Music/Sounds: A loud roar of an animal, and some other sounds which are heavily distorted.

Availability: Seen on Halaku.

Editor's Note: While it's still a poorly-made logo, the fact that it doesn't rip off a more established company gives it a leg up above the previous logo.

3rd Logo
(December 12, 1995-1996)


Logo: We see a short video of a tiger jumping over a water field in a rural area. Then we go to another cut of the same animal doing so, but this time not on the water reflection. There's a freeze frame and the words "SHERA FILMS" and "PRESENTS" then slide in from the right. The text then slides out before the logo cuts to the start of the film.

FX/SFX: The live-action video, the words sliding.

Music/Sounds: A loud roar from the animal, then followed by an ascending string theme (sounds like more of an intro than an actual piece of music).

Availability: Seen on Munda Bigra Jaye and Mamla Garbar Hai.

Editor's Note: The film was poorly shot, and it's hard to tell whether that's really a tiger or another jungle cat.

4th Logo

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Nicknames: "The Lion from Hell", "Pakistan's Tanner the Lion"

Logo: We still a still image of a lion zooming in. Then, the lion opens his mouth to spit the text "SHERA FILMS" and "PRESENTS" out of his mouth. After that, the lion's eyes go from their regular color brown to reddish orange and then to white.

Variant: On Nakhra Gori Da, the logo starts at the last second of the roar.

FX/SFX: The lion zooming in and his mouth opening, the text zooming out, the lion's eyes glowing.

Music/Sounds: A fanfare, then the lion roaring (from the 3rd logo), and after that, the opening theme of the movie.

Availability: Seen on Nakhra Gori Da and the 1997 reissue of Baharon Phool Barsao.

Editor's Note: Once again, the logo looks too dated for its time, but on the other hand, at least the lion isn't an exact MGM duplicate.

5th Logo
(October 22, 1999)


Logo: We see the bold italic text saying “SHERA FILMS PRESENT'S” on a dark background.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: A dramatic fanfare.

Availability: Only seen on Kismat.

Editor's Note: This is the most plain-looking of the company's logos, and the first of two without a big cat.

6th Logo


Shera Films logo (2012)

Logo: We see a light flash, then it dims down to see 3 spotlights in the shape of a triangle. As such, 2 "hook"-like shapes, one red and the other grey, zoom out. The text "SHERA FILMS" in red, facing upward, zooms out and turns to face us followed by "PRESENTS" zooming out, also facing upward, zooming out and turning. The "hook" shapes then turn to reveal an S shape shape, then the logo fades out.

Variants: Both digital and filmed versions of the logo exist.

FX/SFX: The CG logo and text zooming out, and the light behind. Perhaps the best animated logo from the company.

Music/Sounds: A calm 4-note horn fanfare and the sound of a blade as the light turns on. There are also drums heard throughout the logo. The filmed variant is the same, but muffled, due to film deterioration.

Availability: Only seen on Sher Dil. The digital version can be seen on its trailer.

Editor's Note: This logo looks much better than the previous logos, but the filmed version still looks outdated for 2012.

7th Logo

Logo: On a black background, we see a still image of a roaring lion in a large yellow circle. Around the circle are smaller circles, each with looping footage of a lion. We then see in green text "Shera Film's" zooming out along with "presents" below it in a red color.

FX/SFX: 2D Animation.

Music/Sounds: A loud roar at the beginning which sounds more like a loud gunshot and then a badly done orchestra fanfare plays.

Avalability: Seen on Gunam Ka Anjaam.

Editor's Note: Arguably their worst effort yet. The logo is off-center, and it's incredibly dated for 2016, right down to the fact that the fanfare sounds like it came from five decades before.