Closing Logo Group

(Late 1990s-2005) Logo: On the same starry background as the El Nino logo (which preceeds this), just after "Presents" fade out from the preceding logo,a spark appears, then the "SHANGTEN FILMS" name scrolls while the boy from the El Nino logo flies in. Then, the boy settles and the words "SHANGTEN FILMS" flashes, which brings up an underline. Below it, "PRODUCTION" appears letter-by-letter.

Bandicam 2016-12-09 16-46-40-480

FX/SFX: The boy flying, the name appearing. Cheesy Factor: Just like the El Nino logo, this logo is too outdated, but at least the animation is better. Music/Sounds: The 2nd half of El Niño logo Availability: Known to appear in other movies like Bukas May Ligaya and Heto Ako, Lalaki.'' Scare Factor: Minimal to low. The presence of more animation than the preceding El Nino logo may scare you, and also may caught viewers by surprise if they didn't expect this to appear after the El Nino logo.