Closing Logo Group

(November 23, 1973-September 29, 1978)[]


Nicknames: "Mehboob and Nasir Husain's Long Lost Brother", "That's Some Colorful Lightning"

Logo: We see some thunders in a cloudy and rainy sky. Suddenly, the translucent flame of a candle moves towards the screen. When the candle stops moving, a bigger hand-made flame appears from the candle, and "God is Great" in Urdu appears inside it. Below the flame appear an "S" and a "P". In a moment, the flame of the candle freezes, and the sky fades to black, with only the flames and letters remaining. Then, the rest of the logo fades to black.

FX/SFX: The rain and the clouds (live-action), the live-action candle, the hand-made flame from the candle, the texts and the thunders (during all the logo), in addition to the freeze of the candle flame. Typical effects of the time, but nothing bad.

Music/Sounds: The sound of rain, the thunder and a male voice saying "नूर-ए-हक़ शम्मे इलाही को बुझा सकता है कौन, जिसका हामी हो ख़ुदा उसको मिटा सकता है कौन".

Availability: Seen only on Mere Gharib Nawaz, Mere Sartaj, and Sultan-E-Hind.

Editor's Note: The nature of this logo will bother many because of the rain and the thunders, in addition to the dark voice (a la Mehboob Productions). It may vary for those who are used to watching this logo and/or aren't affected by it.