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Sendi Mutiara

Logo: On a black background, an orb of light moves around randomly, changing between colors (red, gold and green) while a golden dragon with glowing eyes chases the orb. As this happens, the camera moves rather frantically, revealing a sunset background. After a while, the orb zooms towards the viewer, stops there for a bit, then backs away as its light dies down, revealing that the orb is a yellow sphere with blue lines vaguely resembling paralells and meridians across it and a blue transparent ring around it. The yellow sphere shrinks down a bit for a moment, while the yellow text "SENDI MUTIARA", which appears distorted, flies from the bottom of the screen and sets itself at the bottom of the orb. While the SENDI MUTIARA text settles, what appears to be a ring of fire is seen inside the blue ring, emanating from the yellow sphere as the red characters 天龍 appear to the bottom-right of the SENDI MUTIARA text. After the red characters appear, the black text "SENDI MUTIARA ENTERTAINMENT SDN. BHD." zooms out from the bottom of the screen with a yellow trail effect. Afterwards, the sunset background brightens up into a blue sky background.

FX/SFX: The dragon and the orb moving, the background changing, the name placing, the lights.

Music/Sounds: A dark ambient soundtrack with whooshing and clashing sounds.

Availability: Possibly seen on videoke releases around Malaysia and Singapore. Appeared at the end of Wizard Double Star videos. Also appears on their series on YouTube as well.

Editor's Note: None.